pneu sanitary safety valve

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:FV
Model Number:Rubber Expansion Joint
Head Code:Round
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Stainless steel sanitary safety valve —— general and pneumatic sanitary safety valve
This safety valve is used to ensure safety of liquid that flows through pipeline,pump,accessories and tank body.It is the best choice to protect equipments in the industries of dairy products,food,beverage,pharmacy and fine chemistry.
•This valve is regulated to a specific pressure through adjusting the spring attached with pressure screw nut.Under Normal operating condition,this valve keeps closed.
•When the pressure in pipeline exceeds specific pressure,valve is opened to let liquid go through so as to reduce the pressure inpipeline system and avoid danger as well as equipment malfunctionsdue to overlarge pressure.
•This valve can be furnished with handle to realize partial opening of valve.When the handle is kept in opening state during the on-the-spot cleaning course,cleaning products can flow through the valve
•Drive type:manual operation,pneumatic operation
•Connection model:welding,clamp,thread
•Connection standard:DIN,SMS,3A,IDF,ISO.RJT
•Size specification ranges from DN25(1″) to DN80(3″) PED 97/23 EC Certification
•Operating pressure:0.05~0.4 Bar
0.4~0.8 Bar (Only spring is replaced.)
•Operating temperature:-10℃~+120℃(EPDM)
•Valve body and shaft:AlSI 304 /316L
•Gasket:EPDM,NBR,FPM,Conforms to FDA 117.2600
•Internal surface:Ra ≤ 0.8 um
•External surface:bright gloss,dull gloss

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