API300 Triple Butterfly Valve

Design & manufacture: API 609,ASME B16.34
Testing inspection: API 598
Face to Face dimensions:ANSI 609
Flanged end dimension: ASME B16.5,ASME B16.47A,ASME B16.47B,MSS SP-44,API 605
Butt-Welded end dimension: ASME B16.25

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Construction and feature of triple offset metal seal butterfly valve

API Triple Offset Butterfly Valve – Class 150 & Class 300 Wafer type

Principle Of Operation
Our Triple Offset Butterfly Valve provides a bi-directional bubble tight shut-off This geometry ensures that the disc seal contacts the body seat only at the final shut-of position without rubbing or galling. providing a torque generated resilient seal with suflicient “wedging to ensure a uniform seal contac

The Triple Offset Geometry
the shaft is offset behind the seat axis to allow complete sealing contact around the entire seat
The shaft’s centerline is offset from the pipe and valve which provides interference opening and closing of the valve
The seat cone axis is ofset from the shaft to eliminate ction during closing and opening and to achieve uniform compressive scaling around the entire seat.

1.Elastic property of the composite metal sealing ring perform zero leakage
2.Torque seal to enst
3.The triple offset metal butterfly valve adopts one duo-eccentric structure plus one special obigue-conical elliptic sealing structure, the guaranteed, easy opening or closing is realized

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